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We love pugs!

Here at Beach Bum Pugs, all of my dogs are raised in my home under-foot. They romp and play with the rest of the family and sleep in a cozy bed made especially for them and their mommy. They are well socialized with people and with other dogs from very early on in life.

We do work side by side with Cabana Babies. So if you are interested in a Yorkshire Terrier, just let us know.
Deworming: We are doing our best to use natural dewormers such as Diatomaceous Earth. However it does not work as well as I would like it to for small puppies especially when they have not been weened yet. So at this time I am using Nemex 2 to deworm mom when the pups are 2 weeks old, so they get their deworming through mom's milk. At 4 weeks they get their dose of Nemex 2 as well as a good probiotic. Once they begin to ween, usually around 4 weeks old, they will be getting a small amount of DE in their diet on a regular basis to control parasites. I am trying to get off of the chemicals and back to natural rearing.

Vaccines: PLEASE let's be careful here. Remember that these puppies are very small and delicate.
If you believe that more vaccinations are better for your dog, I may not be the breeder for you. However, I would also like to introduce you to many veterinarians that are now saying dogs and puppies only need three basic vaccinations to provide long term immunity, usually for life.

Dr. John Robb
facebook profile page
" I have been given a gift from God to heal pets, now its time to speak for them. Many of our beloved pets have died young from over-vaccination. We have started a national and international boycott or these 3 companies to stop the carnage – Banfield the Pet Hospital, Petsmart, and the Mars Corporation. Won’t you join us in our effort to be the voice for the Pets and stop putting profits over pets? Thanks and God Bless, Dr Robb "

Dr. Will Falconer
facebook profile page
" In other words, the immunity that was established in early life persists, and it is that immunity that actually interferes with subsequent vaccinations. It’s much like the case of vaccinating very young puppies. If you vaccinate a puppy (or kitten or foal) at a too young age, the maternal antibodies from the mother’s immune system are still present, and the vaccine will be thwarted in its attempt to provoke an immune response."
If you are interested in more please let me know and I'll give you links to them as well. Also please let me introduce you to some very knowledgeable people with a ton of great information concerning this issue.

Roger Biduk
facebook profile
Although I may not agree with everything Roger says, ( he doesn't seem to be a fan of breeders ), his information on gut health and vaccines have been very helpful in raising my dogs and also personally in helping with my family's health.

Cathy Gibson Lanier
facebook group
If you go to her group, please make sure to read her ebook that is located in the files. Lots of great yorkie information there. Yes it is a group about caring for yorkshire terriers, however it does apply to all toy dogs.

While I do agree with most everything these people listed above say, I do not have access to everything and I am just starting to switch my animals and puppies over to a more natural and healthier way of life. Until I find everything I need and find access to everything I need, I have to make due with what I have.

Our current vaccination protocol is based on the AAHA 2011 minimal vaccination protocol listed here . Pay close attention to question number 56 located on page 34.

" 56. Is there a vaccination program that could be recommended for those owners only wanting the least number of vaccines possible or for those dogs that are not likely to be seen again by a veterinarian?
The vaccination protocol that includes the minimum number of vaccines yet still provides a reasonable opportunity
to immunize the dog would be: a single dose of a combined infectious (attenuated, avirulent, modified live, recombinant viral vectored) CDV, MLV CPV-2, with MLV CAV-2, administered at 16 wk of age or older, plus a rabies vaccine at the same time (but inoculated at a separate site on the body). "

Please note: My mentors on this subject do not advise giving multiple shots at one time. It only confuses the immune system rather than provide appropriate immunity, and definetly advise AGAINST a rabies vaccine for small animals at 16 weeks. I am using the AAHA protocol to determine the correct time to give a puppy a vaccination that will be effective and not detrimental to their health. 16 weeks. At this time I am trying to find a source for only the parvo vaccine ( It looks like neopar is the single dose ) and single distemper vaccine. Apparently the minimum protocol is as follows:
1 parvo vaccine at 16 weeks
1 distemper vaccine at 20 weeks
1 rabies vaccine - hold off as long as possible at least until 1 year of age if at all possible

Until I can find the single distemper vaccine and can trust the neopar vaccine ( I just had a friend use the single parvo vaccine on 3 of her litters and ended up loosing most of her puppies to parvo almost immediately), I have to stick with the vaccine that I have trusted for years which is spectra 5. This is the vaccination for parvo, distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, and hepatitis.

I know this all may be a bit confusing and you're wondering why I'm telling you all of this, saying one thing and doing another. Let me tell you what is happening here. You are seeing my thought process and how I determine what to do for my animals. I am very open, sometimes too open with my breeding program. I am currently weighing my options and at the same time trying to do what is best for my puppies.

We do not take deposits on puppies until they reach at least two weeks old and are thriving. At that point we will start taking $250 deposits for the puppy of your choice. I have first choice, breeders choose next and then pet owners will be choosing by who puts down a deposit first and has handed in thier application. All choices must already have been made when you put a deposit on a puppy so that everyone doesn't have to wait while someone makes up their mind.

At this time, pricing is as follows:

Pet Prices
All puppies at this time $950

Breeding Prices
At this time I do not charge more for akc breeding rights. However, to get breeding rights, we do require that we talk with you BEFORE adopting a puppy from us. We do mentor and are here for advise. We also do prefer that if you want to breed that you do work with us in the future to bring new dna into our breeding program and we will help you with yours as well. However, if you wait until the last minute to tell us you want to breed, when we are standing there with your puppy and you are signing the contract, please find another breeder. We do not like being put on the spot and people trying to play games with us. Just be honest and we will be honest with you. We value our relationships with our clients and feel that we can learn from each other and help each other as breeders to better our breeding program.

All puppies sold as pets only (limited registration without breeding rights) unless previously approved before putting down a deposit.

Our puppies are micro chipped before they go to your home. We pay for the lifetime registration of the microchip for you. We do not remove dewclaws. AKC registration we pay for you!!! They will go home with great puppy packs.

A contract must be signed stated that these puppies are not to be resold or left at a shelter or abandoned. They are to be returned to us for the lifetime of the puppy if you cannot take care of them

Our prices may not be the same each time. It highly depends on a few factors.

1.Our effort in raising the litter. Breeding and raising puppies is a 24 hour job. Some need to be bottle fed, some mom's need emergency c-sections, some need an incubator (which I am currently working on putting together and am very exited about having finally!!), staying up for a week with no sleep as babies have to be fed every two hours. We need to have pens for each litter and beds for mom's that want privacy. We feed vitamins and minerals and the best dog food we can get to each puppy once they are weaned. Each mom is given extra nutrients and exercise daily to help promote good health for pregnant moms. All litters are registered with AKC and are micro chipped through AKC Reunite. We pay for your lifetime registration of that microchip so you never have to worry about it. Some moms get milk eclampsia and require emergency care to stop them from having seizures and die. (We did have one girl that continued to have milk eclampsia no matter what we did. She is retired and not breeding anymore so we can enjoy her for years to come.) There is so much more that goes into raising and breeding these babies that the list could take me pages so I will stop here. If you would like to know more please call us and talk and we can answer questions you may have.

2.Market Value. We try to remain below market value for our puppies. Only because some prices just seem outrageous to us. However, we do our best to get the best sires and dams for our breeding program. We have paid anywhere from 1400 dollars to 2800 dollars for a puppy that we believe will be a great addition to our pack. We try to keep your prices lower so that you can enjoy these babies. However, we cannot go too low below market value as then we run the risk of “Puppy Flippers”. Puppy flippers make a career out of buying puppies below market value and selling them for a higher price to anyone that will pay for it. They don't care about the puppies and never keep track of where those puppies go. So, this is one reason you might see our prices fluctuate, as the market changes so will the price of our puppies.

3.We deserve to be paid market prices. We put so much effort in to raising our pups. We do our best to stay on top of current medical research and spend so much time learning, take courses, studying genetics, and anything else we can get our hands on to better our knowledge and understanding of dogs, breeding and raising puppies. I do everything I can to give you healthy, happy puppies that have been raised in a happy, healthy environment.

Please remember that what you are getting here is a living being. Just like adopting a child we cannot guarantee you that this puppy will never have problems. You may experience things such as luxating patellas because the puppy jumped from too high of a platform or was dropped, worms or fleas, collapsed larynx because the puppy was pulling on the leash when you went for a walk. (This is also why we highly recommend using a step in harness for your puppy. Please do not attach leashes to collars and please try not to use normal harness that sit too high on the chest). By the way a step in does not cost more so is absolutely worth it to purchase one.

You are responsible for vet bills once the puppy leaves our home.

However, if you do have problems with your puppy make sure to call us. We will definitely do whatever we can to help you. We are here for you day or night if you need our help or just for advice. We have a facebook page called Beach Bum Pugs where you can also contact us. It is on this page that I will be posting when they are born, weights, pictures, videos and so much more! Please make sure to join / like that page and get involved in the growth and progress of your puppy! If you can't please let me know so that I can email you updates.

We do have doggie family reunions every year if possible. You are invited to come and we love seeing each and every puppy grow and then get back together with their litter mates and mom and dad! We also get to visit and have a good time and you get to meet the other puppy parents as well!

You will also be getting a pamphlet from us titled Before You Get Your Puppy and a Puppy Checklist to help you obtain whatever you may need and be prepared for your puppy to come home with you. These will go out to each person as they put down a deposit.

Email us and chat! We love to talk about our dogs and puppies and if we haven't answer any questions you may have here we can definitely try to answer them for you ! Thanks and have a wonderful day! Congratulations on your new little puppy.