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Reviews and Raves
Aine Branch - Edgar has been such a wonderful addition to our home. He is our snuggler and zen master. Can't believe he is almost a year and a half. Can't imagin our lives without him
Mary Fanning - I think it was Apricot Jack we saw last year on our trip camping. He was the cutest little thing i ever saw....:)))) Great Job, your babies are awesome. Sure can see the love.
Jenni Downtownbrown - OMG I remember the day I laid eyes on this photo (achilles) and fell in love! The best friend Ive ever had in my life Thank you guys!

Lindsey Craven - awww how cute:) my lil lulu I love her so much thank you guys for the best lil girl ever!

Lindsey recently adopted Louie, a Beach Bum Pug, as well, the little black boy in the picture

Heather Hall - Hey William! I wanted to let you know I got the registration form in the mail today. Thank you for sending it to me! ........ Anyway, Brutus is doing very well. He has grown a lot. I took him to the vet for a normal check up and shots. He is very loving and sleeps with me at night. I think about him all day and find ways to get out of things just to go home and be with him. Anyway, I hope you have a Happy New Year and that all your pugs are doing well!

Linda Evans - Rocky and Sophia are the best parents in the world. The babies are getting so big. The boys are Bubba J, Ockmed and the girl is Peanut Rose. Oh , last weekend Rocky was the ring bairer at a wedding and he was great. He didn't get wild, and didn't pee on anything, I was very proud of him.

both Rocky and Sophia are Beach Bum Pugs

Michelle Thompson -
Here is a picture I had handy on email of Pinki.  That's what we decided to call her.  She is the sweetest and wildest thing ever.  She is VERY cuddly.  I think because you guys handled her so much when she was tiny and she gets handled a lot at our house too.  Now she is so spoiled that she hardly ever lays down unless she is touching someone.  She is still tiny and so sweet.  She has a lot of energy and can run faster than any of our other dogs.......
Ruth Ann - ..... we've happily welcomed Harrisson (Hermes) into our happy family.  He is doing so well!  But, getting too big too fast! He and Daphnie immeadately became the best of friends and instantly began snuggling together! .....
Ann David - our little girls name is "Weezie Beautiful Little Sister"

Weezie is doing great, last week she went to "Puppy Headstart".  The Legacy Canine Center has Headstart classes for  12 - 16 week old pups.  It is to intrduce them to new and different things and animals.  Then we have Maggie and Weezie signed up to go through Dog Manners class the first part of April. 


Letters of Recommendation




William Hannah is a very reputable Pug breeder. I am one of his recent clients and would highly recommend his services.  I originally had my mind set on one of his older female pugs he had on site however due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to purchase her. To make good on the deal William offered me a male pug from his current litter with the same terms and conditions. This really said a lot about his credibility and professionalism. Instead of saying "deals off" he found a solution which in the end, benefited all of us and kept our relationship in great standing.

I have since AKC registered my pug pup and received his family tree - all which is very legitimate. ( no interbreeding etc)

I still keep in contact with William. I have had questions that he has always been able to answer. Both parents of my puppy are owned by William. This makes it extra special as we have compared traits that are similar in both dad and son. I send William photos per his request to see the pup's growth and well being. This shows me that he cares about his litters even after being sold.

William always kept in contact with me during the purchase process. I could not schedule a meeting time right away due to a scheduled vacation and he was very flexible. When we met he was gentle and caring. The puppy was scared to leave his arms so I knew he was well taken care of. I received a puppy pack with blanket, feeding booklet, toy and leash. I also had  a copy of the dates his first shots were taken.

For any interested future pug owners, William Hannah with Beach Bum Pugs is highly recommended in my book. He his experienced with the breed and takes pride in his business.


Michelle Sevillano (Proud Owner of a "Beach Bum" pug)

Lisa Watson - I think that Beach Bum Pugs are awesome!! I spent a few months living in close proximity, and the dogs are well cared for, and very healthy.. The first pugs that I have played with that do not constantly wheeze, and snot on u.. If I did not own chihuahuas, I would definitely be on the list to buy one!!